If you like something enough to want to hang it on your bulletin board or cubical wall, why would you want to stab a hole in it with a push pin? With No Poke Pins you can hold photos, kids art, memos and stacks of receipts without putting holes in them. The innovativ edesign even lets you hang CD cases, gift cards and magazines. The simple design flexes to let objets slide in but not out. Stop putting holes in the things that are important to you.



2007 Winner of panel judging and online voting.

Winner announced at the NASDAQ Time Square NYC


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The whole story behind No Poke Pins

Inspiration: The designer in me is always observing. When things don't work right it gets filed in my mind. I'd observed colleagues and students poking holes through beautiful sketches. I was saddened when I noticed a drawing of a turtle I did when I was 7, that my mom saved for me, had a bunch of push pin holes in it. Finally one day while hanging an image in my studio and as I routinely put a hole through a picture I cared about- it hit me. All the things on my bulletin board are hung because I need to save them or I like them so much I want to display them. Why was I punching holes in them? It is backwards logic: I like it - therefore I want to hang it - therefore I need to destroy it. I imagined there had to be a better way . The only options available were tacks and pushpins. One day I decided that since probably no one else was crazy enough to try to re-invent the pushpin, it was up to me.

Many, many prototypes later I had my solution. I ended up with a bit of toothbrush handle glued to a modified safety pin. The challenge was great fun. My goal was to replace the pushpin; Work anywhere they do. Hold MORE than they can. Be nearly as inexpensive. And most importantly NO HOLES. It was harder than I ever imagined… physics is cruel. [ Research and conversation has shown me that others have tried before… It's a good thing I didn't know any better. ]

Out of thousands of entries I made the cut to the final five.
After 20 days of online voting I was in 1st place.
April 23rd I re-presented the idea in NYC to a panel of judges.
24th Staples and all finalists help open the NASDAQ.
Later the winners were announced.
The next day we had a quick interview on the local news.

It was crazy fun. All of the other finalists were great, and I think many of their ideas are legitimate products that could go into production.

I want to thank Staples for their forward thinking towards innovation. The kids sponsored project not only shows their open-mindedness, but also helped inspire a bunch of kids to try inventing. All the finalists were outstanding. They were more creative and better at design than some pros I've worked with. The panel of judges was varied and great. You can tell Staples understands inventing by who they chose to be on the panel of judges; it contained Art Fry inventor of the Post-it(R) Note [and inspiration to me]; Don Kelly, president of the United Inventors Association, teen inventor Scott Barnhill, and others. All truly understand inventing. These are not corporate management types. I also respect Staples dealings with us. I feel all terms I've had to deal with have been more than fair. Some companies take advantage of the little guy. Staples seems to be celebrating him… or should I say me.

Here is hoping that No Poke Pins ™ make it all the way to your home and help stop from needlessly putting holes in the things you love.


I humbly ask for input you may have on No Poke Pins.

How would you use them? What don't you like?

What you do to make them better? be honest.


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