Why does Kram-Co exist?

Kram-Co. Inc. was founded as a design, invention + creative laboratory to help stimulate corporate creativity and innovate products to improve humanity. The core mind is mine, Mark Trageser. A collective of talent is tapped as needed.

Why do I do it?

- As an artist I cannot help but create

- As an inventor I desire to improve the world and love to tinker

- As a designer I enjoy the challenge of working though all the twists and turns of D&D and enjoy working with a talented team to make big things happen.

- As a teacher I want to pass on this passion.kram


Who am I?

As a creative the breadth my skills and depth of experience are difficult to clearly explain. Since it is unreasonable cover it all here, please allow the three toy lines listed below to be my introduction. Each is a reflection of my inventive nature and skills as a designer.

~ Formula Fuelers ~ 2004 Parenting Magazine Toy of The Year ~ Put any liquid mixture you can create into these vehicles to see if you have concocted the perfect "fuel". Mad scientist meets racing mechanic. When I was a kid I used to mix lots of random kitchen liquids into a bowl to make a "potion". I was disappointed because it never did anything other than turn brown and stink. Thirty plus years later I was able to fulfill my desire by creating vehicles that race at different speeds and distances depending on what you put in them. You are really in control, so when you win a race it feels that much better. Plus it fizzes and makes funny sounds. What else could you want? If you don't believe me click on the image above to check out a cool science fair project using it.

~ Great Adventures - BLUNDAR - Fisher-Price. I tried to pack the Western Town and many other Knight and Pirate items with as many details and as much action as possible- some of the safest and wackiest action ever created. Blundar is still one of my favorite creations. What more could a boy want than a giant he can hold in his hand and use to smash evil knights with a gratifying "thump"? Everything from the invention of the resonant spring mechanism to the sculpture is from my brain and hands.

~ MADnetics ~ On shelves in 2006. Awesome antigravity stunts that have never been seen before -possible because of a cool magnetic flywheel. Creating this line with all of its strange prototypes and insane concepts was a blast. It was also a real test of my abilities. My fingerprints are all over this line. From building all the breadboards to on site development of some very tricky stunts, all within an extremely short schedule. I even did the crazy TRY ME packaging feature. For the record, the best stunts are too dangerous to advertise and many had to be thwarted with high curbs and shields for legal reasons. I 'unofficially suggest' improvising with household objects for the most dramatic and fun results.


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